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Master Class Fitness Waiver & Release Form



Participant, by clicking on the submit button below, hereby voluntarily indemnifies, releases from liability, and holds harmless Kara Doyle, Kicking with Kara, and/or KWIK KORE® and the facility for any accident, injury, illness, death, loss, damage to person or property, or other consequences suffered by Participant or any other person arising or resulting directly or indirectly from Participant’s participation in this Master Class. 

In the event that Participant is injured, Participant agrees to assume any financial obligation, either through Participant’s personal health insurance, or through some other means, for any medical costs, which Participant incurs. Kara Doyle, Kicking with Kara, and/or KWIK KORE® assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses, injury, or damage suffered by Participant in connection with the use of any facilities or services in connection with the Master Class. 

Participant further agrees that Participant, his/her spouse, assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives will not make any claim against, sue or attach Kara Doyle, Kicking with Kara, and/or KWIK KORE® for any loss or damage resulting from Participant’s participation in the Activity. 

Participant is aware of the potential dangers incidental to engaging in the fitness activities in the Master Class.  Participant agrees that this is a release of liability, a waiver of the participant's legal right to collect damages in the event of injury, death or property damage and a contract between participant and Kara Doyle, Kicking with Kara, and/or KWIK KORE® and Participant submits it of his/her own free will. 

Participant also acknowledges his/her agreement that he/she may be videotaped, audio recorded and/or photographed during the Master Class event, and Kara Doyle, Kicking with Kara, and/or KWIK KORE® may use and modify the images and/or recordings for any and all uses, including but not limited to advertisements and marketing without any compensation and in perpetuity.

Refunds for Master Classes will only be provided if 24 hours notice is given in advance of the class by the participant.  No shows will not be refunded, and payments made for no shows can not be transferred to a future Master Class date.

Please fill out the below form with the date and start time of the Master Class for which you have paid and click on submit to become fully registered. Every Participant will need to submit the form below to attend.