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About the Creator


Kara Doyle is the creator of KWIK KORE®.  A passionate fitness professional with over 13 years of teaching and personal training experience, Kara decided to create a program that was the culmination of everything she has learned in her fitness career, on the mat.  Something that would yield results that could be done anywhere.  All you need is you, and a yoga mat!  

The program is challenging, so it may take a few weeks to be able to complete one class without resting, depending on a participant's current fitness level.  That said, it is for all fitness levels!  Over time, when a participant is able to build up his/her strength and endurance to complete entire tracks, not only will the results follow, but a feeling of empowerment will set in.  

Total body strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and empowerment?  Try a class today and see what KWIK KORE® can do for you! 

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